Tuesday, May 28, 2013

At the bottom of Joan Street is an underpass...

Contrary to the popular hysteria currently being pushed re possible catastrophic isolation west of railway line due to impassability as a result of massive coal trains:

OMG!!! What if you need an ambulance?

OMG!!! What if you need a fire engine?

OMG!!! What if you need police?

...it is already possible for emergency services to get from one side of Scone to the other...yes just head down Joan Street, through and/or over the fence (seriously if middle aged mum can do it, easy-peasy for emergency services), hang a left onto pretty good make-shift road...and there it is...an underpass right under the railway line.

Come on, guys! We don't have to play this 'Chicken Little' game...we don't have to panic and we don't have to make hasty decisions...


...we do need to be thinking clearly about what all these infrastructure options mean for us and why these options are being thrusted upon us!

No to the bypass

No to the overpass

No to our stupid love affair with coal

It's breaking our town-heart...literally.

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