Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beautiful moon rising

We climbed to the top of Rossgole on Monday evening and sat on a rocky promontory surveying the surrounds as the 'night-before-the-full-moon' moon rose and took it's place in the sky.

The night was so beautiful, so calm, so cold, and sitting there with a bunch of us, sipping glasses of red and muching on crisps, it was almost possible to imagine that the twinkly lights in the distance were a cute little village and not Dartbrook mine, and that all was alright with our valley, and that the rest of the Hunter really wasn't being mined into oblivion as we watched from our peaceful but chilly observation point.

Sigh...if only that were really the case...

...but we know that it's not because 'air pollution' and 'lives being cut short' are the stuff of international news, and if 'China's reliance on coal reduces life expectancy by 5.5 years' then it's a good bet that it's probably the same here too despite current spin to the contrary...

...but still our politicians tell us to go forth and dig.

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