Saturday, May 21, 2016

'A Sunburnt Country'

By Georgie Abbott

I love a sunburnt country!
A land where people rest,
Of treeless city streets
Void of all protest.
I love her concrete jungle,
I love her laws on crime.
Her silence and terror
Moving backwards in time.

I love the price for freedom
To be told what to say
Or to be held without trial
It is the only way
I'm happy to live here
Where there is no Global Warming.
Lucky to have Baird
And the army he is forming.

I love the greater land
And the people at our helm.
It's reassuring to have intelligence
When ruling this great realm.
How beautiful her future
With the literate leading,
Keeping refugees offshore;
No need to hear their pleading.

Core of my heart, my country!
With her pale blue sky.
Chip away at her shell
And watch her slowly die.
This coal-hearted country!
Goodbye Coral Reef!
You are not that important,
No time for any grief.

Glory to Australia,
We erased her people power!
Glory to this nation,
In her final hour!
And as she lays dying,
We need not have great fears.
All we have to do
Is close our eyes and our ears.

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