Wednesday, April 3, 2013 blog or not to blog...about Scone

The mines are coming so I'm not sure how long we've got to chat about this once pretty destination in the Upper Hunter. But maybe I'll give it a whirl anyway just like they did on the Titanic when they straightened up the deckchairs.

We held off for a long time with the mines here in Scone but eventually in the relentless way that politics work we became ground down, and now the mines are basically in our garden.

The local airline (Yanda) closed down years ago apparently due to pilot error, but you have to wonder whether that was all tied in to ensuring that those from our local population who travelled by plane didn't get to see the devastation of our valley from the air. It's bad enough from the train but I've been told that from the air it makes you weep.

So here we are, hardly in 'Sunset and Camden' but nevertheless...

"...let me take you by the hand"... as I lead you through the streets of Scone and environs and let's think about whether we can really trust our council and the obligatory unelected management that goes with it with the welfare of our town and district

Come blog with me as I show you around

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