Friday, April 5, 2013

Once upon a time we didn't have traffic lights

It was in the 'leaves' that we were going to get traffic lights and nothing any of us could do was ever going to stop them. 

Endless Traffic Light/Roundabout discussions hosted by Upper Hunter Council and the then Roads and Traffic Authority were just basically community flag waving exercises conducted to tick bureaucratic boxes for previously rubber-stamped decisions. 

We were getting them whether we liked it or not...and get them we did.

Despite spin at the time, the Traffic Light/Roundabout issue was never a ‘polarising’ one – in fact far from it. As a town we were singularly united in our “NOs”...but our "NOs" were overlooked as the relentless march of municipal madness dictated their installation by the end of 2010..

And today what can we say about them? ...have they provided the town of Scone with the elixir of ‘traffic-calming’ or have they only exacerbated problems the 'Cassandras' amongst us highlighted.

In my opinion, it's the latter and the sooner we rip them [traffic lights] out, the better!!!! This town is crying out for the return of its quirky roundabout, and if we go ahead with that piece of civic action, there's a nice little fountain, currently mothballed in a little park on Gundy Road, that would look absolutely perfect placed on top the roundabout and restored to its rightful place in the centre of town.

#Occupy Scone Roundabout, anyone?

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