Thursday, September 24, 2015

Government Information (Public Access) request - Secret sale of Scone Library & former council chambers 2015

by Sue Abbott

(Image: screen capture of 'Right to Know')

(details of my freedom of information request made via 'Right To Know')
Dear Upper Hunter Shire Council,

I would like the following information pertaining to the secret sale of Scone Library and former council chambers (Scone Library) which took place this year, 2015:

- full minutes of extraordinary Upper Hunter Shire Council meeting June 11, 2015.
- any other minutes from any other meetings where a discussion of the aforementioned sale took place.
- further information on Cr Peter Bishop's declared 'insignificant non-pecuniary conflict of interest' (that being his relationship as a client of the person offering to purchase Scone Library) outlining why the Upper Hunter Shire Council and Cr Bishop felt it would be satisfactory for Cr Bishop to remain in Chamber and participate in discussion and voting on the matter of sale of Scone Library, and why the Upper Hunter Shire Council and Cr Bishop considered that the declared conflict would not be relevant to his decision on the matter (sale of Scone Library).
- document(s) containing details of the purchasing proposal put forward by Mr Jason Brooks (the purchaser), and his agent involved, in order to purchase Scone Library.
- document(s) contaning details of other proposals put forward by others in the community, and their agenets involved, in order to purchase Scone Library.
- Development Application for works currently being done to the Scone Library.

I am aware that the information I require may appear in different formats. Consequently I request all the above information in all its formats whether held in paper, electronically, pictures, sound recordings and/or video to do with the secret sale of Scone Library.

I look forward to receving this information via my freedom of information request.

Yours faithfully,
Sue Abbott
Scone Resident

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