Saturday, September 5, 2015

Now listen here, Tony, Naomi Changes Everything

(Powerful Image: Nature Vs Man By #MarioSanchezNevado, published on

In Australia we lamely take instructions from a guy who believes that:

... Prison camps are for safety ...
... Coal is good for humanity ...

But Naomi has a different take, and every word she utters is just plain essential:

"Fossilised thinking is a threat to life earth ... when you're in a hole just stop digging ... no more new coalmines"

And in a nutshell if we don't start soon to act upon what she has to say we're fucked.

Her clarion call to arms is obligatory for those of us who believe in intergenerational equity, and it's just not an option anymore to turn our heads and pretend we don't see what's happening all around us.

"We simply cannot afford to allow trade to trump the planet" ...

Tony, Naomi is a true global leader, and she's not in the least bit dangerous ... now, you, on the other hand, are not good for humanity and are ...

... dangerous that is.

You, Tony, are positively #dangerous ... sigh

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