Monday, March 21, 2016

NSW Government and the Trojan Horse Brigade

At a recent tree rally on Anzac Parade earlier this month many of us felt we had been sold out by those who ought to be protecting our beautiful heritage listed trees on Anzac Parade and Alison Road.

Where was the outraged commentary from Centennial Parklands, or Royal Randwick, or even the City of Sydney, and why had the RSL been so nasty?

And where was the covereage in the Sydney Morning Herald?

Why hadn't this issue been on every front page since the trees had started to be felled?

On reflection I guess the SMH were never going to get too involved given that they are so ridiculously propped up by both the horse-racing industry:

... and the oil industry:

Still notwithstanding the campaign to save the trees was gathering momentum on social media, there was a genuine sense of abandonement.

But the ever-growing revulsion of our New South Wales representatives was totally justified today by Background Briefing's explosive expose of our dodgy government and 'vested' interests.

Acording to Background Briefing's report, that curly scrolly bridge in the above image (the massively controversial Tibby Cotter Cycling and Pedestrian Bridge) turns out to be suitable for vehicles up to 10 tons.

Why, you ask, when to all intents and purposes the bridge was built for pedestrians and cylists?

Well as Background Briefing informed us, it is considered to be highly likely that this massive structure is the early beginnings of a massive underground carpark

The NSW government plans to completely commandeer our public lands and trees to build new stadiums and to create sporting precincts even for tennis which is so on the nose at the moment and may never recover.

The government has been eagerly aided and abetted by the pathetic Centennial Parklands Trust and its trustees who have got completely confused as to what their brief actually is ... namely protecting the parklands and keeping them safely in trust for people now and in future to enjoy and use freely and naturally.

Goodbye Anzac Parade and Kippax Lake as we know it ...

(screen capture: Fourfourtwo, Sydney Stadium Stuff)

... as we watch this out-of-control-government trash this unique memorial and get ready to clutch their hearts on Anzac Day to feign sorrow and gratitude.

For the benefit of NSW politicians, Background Briefing reminded us that the Anzacs marched down Randwick Road (later renamed to Anzac Parade in their memory) to Circular Quay and were bundled on to ships and off to war some of them never to return to Australia again ...

A sandstone obelisk designed and constructed by the city architect, RH Brodrick, was placed on Anzac Parade in 1917 to serve as a memorial to Diggers who did not return and as a meeting placed for those who did.

Yet even that poignant memorial was not safe from the machinations of a development-addicted government which under the premise of rennovation removed it indefinitely to some back lot of the Roads Department in order to build ...

... an entrance to a car-park ... so very disrepectful.

(Image: 1961 last day of Sydney trams on Anzac Parade, reservation Moore Park; Lindsay Bridge, Flickr)

And to think that if we hadn't got rid of Sydney's trams 55 years ago which we are now putting back at great cost and angst maybe this whole sorry saga might not have taken place ...

Oh we have not been well served by our state representatives ...

... is it time to dispense with such a silly tier of government?

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