Saturday, March 19, 2016

Open letter to Michael Johnsen MP from a Burdekin Park flying fox

Dear Mr Johnsen,

I am here because my traditional home environment is no longer adequate for my needs.

By allowing Big Mine and Big Corpa to mine the Hunter Valley into oblivion, you and your LNP government and other previous NSW state governments have taken away all my 'home' options. 

We genuinely do not have a tree to turn to what with Warkworth, Bulga, Jerrys Plains, Mount Thorley, Mount Arthur, Drayton ...

... oh the list goes on, but suffice to say a couple of us have been checking out a spot near the river in Muswellbrook to move to (see top image) although I have to say word has already got out so that's getting pretty chokka too. 

Please have a heart, Mr Johnsen and Singleton Shire Residents, you've all been part of our habitat destruction so please think responsibly about a solution to our shared problem.

Sonar regards,
(Pteropodidae Pteropus)

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