Wednesday, March 9, 2016


(Sadly while we have coal this clip will always be relevant - I used this last year here)

The following is my submission of objection to the New South Wales government regarding Peabody's proposed expansion (write yours now! ... cut off date tomorrow, March 10 2016)

"That we are still being invited to write submissions on proposed mining extensions in this day and age beggars belief. What part of the climate science and climate change information available in the public domain does the New South Wales government not understand?

Coal is history, and we must look to the post coal economy to find new horizons in terms of employment and viability of NSW's towns, villages, rural and outback communities.

Everything is wrong with Peabody's request to destroy Wollar. 

We all understand that they are a company with significant financial problems, and that in a bid to appease their fleeing share-holders they will do what it takes. 

Black lung, among many other detrimental health conditions acquired as a result of living and or working near mining projects, has taken hold in our communities and has hit the airwaves - there is no denying the dire medical impacts of mining in terms of miners and the communities that surround mines any longer. 

So why should an extension that we all know will make people sick be permitted?

This mining company is questionably 'solvent' ... are they? ... and we have to wonder whether they could actually afford the costs of any catastrophic impact that their work might have on the surrounding environment. Just look at BHP and Samarco and Vale and the shocking devastation that they created, one could say wifully, at the end of last year in Brazil.

This proposal from Peabody must be rejected. 

The evidence and empirical data is in on coal mines, and it is dire - no-one is prepared to be deluded any longer. 

Just as Salvage Companies back in the 18th and 19th centuries objected to 'Shipping Forecasts' being implemented because they were bad for business as they saved sailors' lives, so the mining companies will squeal and object to their business and business practices being rejected and mothballed.

It is wrong wrong wrong, and you as the government are the trustees of our money and our state, and consequently you do not have my permission to grant this extension to this polluting, fossil fuel, community destroying company.

Shame on you, New South Wales Government, for even wasting our time with this submission process"

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