Monday, March 7, 2016


Sydney is not happy with its chainsaw-wielding government.

This row of trees among many others (1,277 trees all up including 871 significant and heritage listed trees) is to be wood-chipped into oblivion.

So last Friday on the corner of Anzac Parade and Alison Road,

... a vigil was held for Sydney's trees ...

... to protest against the machinations of politicians too invested in bitumen and construction to be able to see clearly ...

... the havoc that their actions will wreak on this city.

Coordinated protests are set to continue as people from across the city and state come together in an ever-growing snowball as they discover that along with the ruthless planned decimation of our invaluable trees, the actual implementation of the CBD and South East Light Rail is projected to reduce public transport capacity by nearly 70% ...

... as well as ripping up another cycleway ... sigh

Andrew Constance and Mike Baird need to pause and redesign the project so we can:

Save our trees
Save our city
Save our souls

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